Authorised underwriter

Expat & Co acts as authorised underwriter.

What is an authorised underwriter?

An authorised underwriter is an insurance intermediary who, acting on behalf of one or more insurance companies, has the authority to accept the coverage of risks in the name and on behalf of such insurance companies and to underwrite and manage insurance agreements. 

Accordingly, the authorised underwriter's main task is to determine the nature and size of the risk that is to be insured and to determine the insurance premium that must be paid.

Which insurance branches are mandated to Expat & Co?

Expat & Co has the authority to mandate risks in these insurance areas:

  • health care, disability or death by accident (01) or sickness (02)
  • goods in transit (07)
  • fire and natural disasters (08)
  • other damage to goods (09)
  • general civil liability (13)
  • miscellaneous financial losses (16)
  • legal assistance (17)
  • assistance (18)


Which insurance company acts as Expat & Co's risk partner?

Inter Partner Assistance (member of the AXA Partners Group) carries the risks endorsed by Expat & Co (authorised underwriter).  

Inter Partner Assistance







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