Student Insurance

Expat & Co covers a world of learning experiences. Our Student Insurance package has been carefully designed with students, trainees, professors and staff members of educational institutions in mind. Whether you’re a European national and are going abroad or whether you are a non-European coming to Europe,  we are here to cover your needs.

EACEA Compliant

Student Insurance

Our Student Insurance can be taken out in a Full Cover package that will reimburse you from the very first € or can work as a Top-Up Plan if you are already studying in one of the following countries:  AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, EE, FR, IL, JP, LI, LU, NL.

Disclaimer: The ‘Student Insurance’ plan is intended solely for educational purposes, e.g. exchange or internship programs. While it is possible to additionally insure a holiday or recreational trip during your time abroad with this plan, it is not possible to use this plan outside of an educational context. In other words: this insurance does not cover leisure travel without an exchange or internship program.

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5 important covers already insured

In your insurance package: medical treatment, assistance abroad, accidents, baggage & household furniture (comprehensive version only), non-contractual liability in private life.

Add the options you want

Study cancellation, coverage for winter and underwater sports and speleology, or add special clauses to comply with special country/university requirements. Make your policy compliant to AT, AU, CH, DE, and US University/Authority requirements

Mental health & wellbeing support

As from 1 February 2023, download the free My SSP app and connect with us 24/7 for free, confidential & personalized mental health and wellbeing support.

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Go for Basic or Comprehensive

Basic version already complies with the minimum requirements for Erasmus+, while Comprehensive version adds extra coverage for winter and water sports, better dental cover, home contents and baggage,...Comprehensive version can be made Austria compliant

The complete Erasmus package

Student Insurance is the only Belgian-international policy that meets the very strict guidelines of the EACEA Erasmus program. EACEA Compliant

Coverage wherever you go

Thanks to our time and money-saving Chameleon Principle, you get a smart plan that adapts to every country you go to. Proper coverage without paying double.


Our multilingual alarm centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a medical emergency or a problem with your housing, our representatives are on hand to offer all the support you need.

Module 1: Medical Treatment *

This part of Student Insurance covers you for:

  • hospitalization costs
  • treatment costs
  • urgent dental care
  • dental care
  • dental surgery following an accident
  • annual dental check-ups°
  • psychological help after trauma
  • collective Erasmus policies also cover pregnancies

° comprehensive version only
* includes worsening or sudden attacks of pre-existing, chronic diseases
* comprehensive version also includes winter sports, under water sports and speleology

Module 2: Assistance abroad

This module covers you for:

  • referral service for doctors / hospitals in host country
  • linguistic assistance in case of covered claim
  • repatriation or evacuation
  • forwarding essential medications
  • tracing and rescue
  • assistance in case of theft or loss of travel and ID documents
  • early return in case of death of a family member
  • legal assistance
  • and much more...
Module 3: Accidents*

This bit covers you should you suffer:

  • permanent disability due to an accident
  • death by accident

* comprehensive version includes winter sports, under water sports and speleology

Module 4: Baggage & Household Furniture (only in Comprehensive version)

We've thought of the goods too:

  • baggage (including laptops, study books and more)


Household furniture, which includes

  • contents of your home and household furniture (incl. photo, film, sound and computer apparatus, jewellery, watches, mobile phones, (sun)glasses, including frame, contact lenses, etc.
Module 5: Non-Contractual and Tenant Liability

And just to make sure you're covered for absolutely any eventuality, we also cover you for:

  • physical damages to third parties
  • material damages to third parties
  • tenant liability **

** not in the US or Canada

OPTION 1: Study Cancellation

If you have to cancel or curtail your stay we can pay back a part of your fixed costs:

  • cancellation costs
  • course fees
  • attendance and registration fees
  • pre-paid travel and accommodation costs
  • pre-paid rent for housing
  • and/or transfer costs when moving housing
OPTION 2: Underwater sports, winter sports, speleology

Option 2: Under water sport, winter sport and speleology. Diving, skiing or discovering caves during your journey abroad? These activities are already covered in the Comprehensive version, but if you want to add it in the Basic version, you have to take this option 2.

OPTION 3: Special clause to comply with some state or university requirements

Some states have special requirements when applying for a study visa. But also some universities in the US have their own requirements. (only available when requested by the state or university).

Why the EHIC card does not provide sufficient coverage when studying abroad

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