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Expat & Co’s Globi Insurance is a comprehensive worldwide insurance policy suited for globetrotters (world travel, work-holiday, short term expats, start insurance for emigration, …). Make sure your safety and security is ensured with appropriate insurance coverage, starting from 1 month.

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Your Core plan consists of 5 modules

Already covering: medical costs, assistance abroad, accidents, household goods and baggage (in comprehensive version only), non-contractual liability in private life

Optional coverage is available

On demand: travel cancellation, winter and underwater sports and speleology

Go for Basic or Comprehensive

Basic means most important coverage for all the necessities. Comprehensive is the more complete coverage (including preventative care and pregnancies, required in some countries for family members joining their partners abroad.)  

365 days of coverage abroad

Most ‘Annual’ travel policies limit their cover abroad to max. 90 or 180 days per year. We cover you all year long. Up to 5 years (max. 1 year in US).

Coverage possible per month

Choose maximum flexibility with a policy that can also be concluded per month. Travelling for 7 months? Get a 7 month policy. It’s as simple as that. 


Our multilingual alarm centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a medical emergency or a problem with your home, our representatives are on hand to offer all the support you need.

Module 1: Medical Treatment Costs*

This part of Globi Insurance covers you for:

  • hospitalization costs
  • ambulatory treatment in case of accident or illness
  • medicines
  • dental care
  • vaccinations

and more...

* including wintersports, under water sports and speleology (only in comprehensive version)

Module 2: Assistance Abroad

This module offers:

  • referral service for doctors/hospitals;
  • linguistic assistance in case of a claim;
  • medical repatriation/evacuation, or repatriation of mortal remains;
  • repatriation in case of natural disaster;
  • early return in case of death of a family member;

and more...

Module 3: Accident*

This bit offers you a lump sum in case of

  • permanent disability due to an accident
  • death by accident

* including wintersports, under water sports and speleology (only in comprehensive version)

Module 4: Baggage & Household Goods

We've thought of the goods too:

  • baggage and household contents, including 
    - photo, film, computer,...; 

    - jewellery, watches; 
    - (sun)glasses, frames; 
    - ID and travel documents; 
    - skis and other sports equipment; 

and more...

Module 5: Extra Non-Contractual and Tenant Liability

And just to make sure you're covered for absolutely any eventually, we also cover you for:

  • physical damage to third parties
  • material damages
OPTION 1: Travel Cancellation

Option 1 in our GFI package will cover you in case your journey is cancelled or interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.


OPTION 2: Underwater sports, winter sports and speleology.

Diving, skiing or discovering caves during your journey abroad?

These activities are already covered in the Comprehensive version, but if you want to add it in the Basic version, you have to take this option 2.

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