Discover our Chameleon Principle

Discover our Chameleon Principle

Save time and money with insurance that adapts to the social security system of the country you move to.  

The Expat & Co Chameleon Principle© is based on a very simple premise: we all like to get the most out of our money, so why pay for double coverage? Most European countries have a national health system in place. Expat Insurance is designed to work as a Top-Up to local reimbursement systems which means you enjoy all the benefits of private insurance without paying the price. 

Should you relocate to a country without a national reimbursement system, you can simply upgrade your coverage to Full Plan. Equally, relocate to a country with an excellent employer health insurance and set your plan to Sleeper Mode

Attention: If you apply for a private health insurance, you always have to pass medical underwriting. For more information about medical underwriting, please visit this page

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and Social Security systems around the world. (The Chameleon Principle) (The Out of pocket model) (The Care in Kind model) (The Reimbursement model)

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