Expat & Co meets digital nomad Stefan Willems

Expat & Co meets digital nomad Stefan Willems

"My advice for other digital nomads? Think about your health!"

You have probably heard about digital nomads. Those creatures who travel the world carrying their office in their backpack, in search of the ultimate balance between work, enjoying life and discovering new experiences. Maybe you are one yourself, or are thinking about exploring this adventurous way of living and working? We had a little chat with Stefan Willems, a Belgian expat and self-proclaimed digital nomad who is currently based in Bulgaria.

Stefan launched his career in the banking sector, at KBC and ING. But then something started to itch. Itching to get away and explore the world. To meet new people and have new experiences. That is why he decided to spread his wings, pack his bag and laptop, and leave Belgium behind. First stop: Bulgaria.

Stefan has made a living out of his passion for investing. On the road, he gives investment courses (together with Professor Pascal Paepen and financial journalist Jan Reyns), organizes webinars, writes articles and shares his analyses and knowledge.

Like him, many nomads just start traveling without being too concerned about their health insurance. "Everything can be pretty overwhelming at first. You have so many things on your mind, so you quickly lose track of other important stuff like insurance. Also because it takes a lot of time to figure everything out. But with the help of a knowledgeable partner it's actually very easy. And don't forget: healthcare abroad, especially in Bulgaria, is often not at all comparable to that in Belgium. So it's very important to have some extra security. My advice to other nomads: think about your health!"

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