Expat & Co meets digital nomad Stefan Willems

Expat & Co meets digital nomad Stefan Willems

"Once you've had a taste of the freedom, it's very difficult to come back!"

You have probably heard about digital nomads. Those creatures who travel the world carrying their office in their backpack, in search of the ultimate balance between work, enjoying life and discovering new experiences. Maybe you are one yourself, or are thinking about exploring this adventurous way of living and working? We had a little chat with Stefan Willems, a Belgian expat and self-proclaimed digital nomad who is currently based in Bulgaria.


The ideal moment to start your digital nomad adventure? Now! Especially for starters, it is a very attractive way of working, says Stefan. "Many young people put off their travel plans "until a little later", but once they start working and their life evolves, they don't have time for it anymore. They start a relationship, have children, buy a house..."

On the road, an accident is just around the next corner. So if you choose this lifestyle it is important to know that you can count on a solid coverage in case something serious happens. "Unfortunately, not everywhere you can enjoy the same high standard of healthcare as in Belgium. In Bulgaria, for example, conditions in hospitals are poor compared to our country. But the chances that you'll end up in hospital and need serious treatment or surgery are, of course, fairly small."

And then, there is that other disease you risk contracting as a digital nomad: homesickness. But that is something that doesn't affect Stefan much at the moment. "I meet a lot of people during my travels and have plenty of social connections. That helps. I miss my family, of course, but I can always visit them. Trust me: once you've had a taste of the freedom and all the possibilities abroad, it's very difficult to come back. Maybe even impossible..."

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Good to know:

- What is prescribed in Belgium is usually also prescribed abroad.

- With an expat assistance insurance, you can be repatriated if you need major surgery.



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