Meet Hendrik, a happily insured expat

Hendrik Merckx

As an expat, cross-border worker or EU official, you want an insurance company you can count on. Our happily insured expat Hendrik Merckx tells you why.

Find out how we guarantee your income in case of disability.

As an expat, cross-border worker or EU official, you want security abroad. Did you know that most expat insurance policies only cover health costs but don't guarantee a replacement income when you have a serious accident/ illness that makes you unable to work? Expat & Co's insurance policies can make sure you and your family are always covered well in case of disability.


Get to know Hendrik, whose wife enjoyed complete income protection after a severe accident.



Hendrik Merckx

Hendrik and his wife worked at a hospital in Azerbaijan. After a medical emergency, she was declared unable to work for the rest of her life. Thanks to Expat & Co, she enjoys a guaranteed income until her retirement.


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