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Philippe Laureys

As an expat, cross-border worker or EU official, you want an insurance company you can count on. Our happily insured expat Philippe Laureys tells you why.

Emergency repatriation? Find out how we get you home in no time.

As an expat, cross-border worker or EU official, your insurance is the last thing you want to think about in case of a family emergency. Did you know that a lot of insurance policies don't guarantee a cost-free repatriation in case of a death in the family? Expat & Co's insurance policies make sure you get home without any hassle.


Get to know Philippe, who was repatriated after a loss in the family.


Philippe Laureys

While living in Portugal, expat Philippe and his then girlfriend had to be repatriated after his mother and her father suddenly passed away. Find out how Expat & Co arranged a swift flight home and provided help where possible.


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